Wednesday, June 24, 2009

World of Women

My last post drew a bit of flak, with me being labeled racist, MCP, sexist. Agreed I do have my share of lust but honestly, I do admire women for their resilience & forgiveness, especially for pardoning unpardonable acts, cases in point being Anupam Ahuja & Hillary Clinton

However to quell the demands of our moral brigade, I thought of a utopian world dominated, ruled & crushed-under-foot by the fairer sex. Ever thought how that would be like, maybe few things different would be…

* Instead of eve-teasing, adam-teasing will be the increasing crime of the day. There will be a separate Men Protection Cell of Delhi Police to save us from harassment. I was adam-teased in Gargi College once, so this does happen sometimes & is for real

* Dowry cases will be history. Instead men will have to fulfill all lifetime shopping bills of their better halves & prospective better halves. Anybody defaulting or refusing to abide, will be an act punishable under law

* Live-in relationships will be safer for both the sexes, as later men will have stay with wives’ family. Not only that, but also suffer as victims of persecution from the girl’s mom. It does not need saying that wives will be free to bring other men home, and if one such act is even attempted by men, then they should keep insurance agent & doctor handy

* Men smoking openly will be denounced and ogled upon. Also they will have to hide from gaze of women while puffing

* Brothels will see males coming of their own & displacing females. Men from poor Nepali families will be fooled & brought to Indian big cities, where they will be forced into prostitution, eventually becoming victims of lust of female brigade.

* With changes in society how can biology be far behind? For one females will be free from cycles & periods & perhaps men will have something getting discharged somewhere every 28 days

* Men will now give birth to babies & will lactate for many months after birth. Of course they will have to learn the fine balance act of same organ discharging proteins & meeting lust of opposite gender

Now will not this make for a perfect women’s world


  1. hilarious...and probably true too...
    ur last post was funny...and pretty fair...u were often right on the mark. if ppl cant take things lightly...screw em!i liked it lots and im a woman!

  2. men will be banned from wearing three-fourths in colleges

    it will be unsafe for them to travel alone after dark

    women will talk to their crotch the way men have been mistaking breasts for a face since ages!

    nepali-men brothels won't work

    lol you were teased in gargi? what happened?

  3. I would surely enjoy the last two points. Men giving birth and going through labor pain and then feeding for months on a cherished dream!!

  4. I dont agree! In perfect world there can be no pain.. how can we be sadistic enough to want pain for men?

  5. If wishes were horses, men would become women. And it would serve them right!

  6. "Men will now give birth to babies" <<< If only...