Friday, July 17, 2009

Dream deferred

Recently I took a quiz on Facebook, someone had apparently marked an invitation. The quiz contained about ten questions, each giving different situations and dwelling into my take on life in general. At first I did not think much of it, another of those know yourself better ones, but was candid in all my answers. However the result given below, could not have been more succinct and concise in assessment

You are precise yet romantic, efficient yet dreamy, friendly yet somewhat suspicious of others. You rarely smile, but when you do it's very meaningful. You like it best when there is a group consensus, and yet you are easily annoyed by the slowness and/or stupidity of others. Sometimes you think that if only you could live on an island or move to some wonderful place far away, everything would be better, and if you can't realize this dream you often lose yourself in books/vacations/recipes/sports -- anything for an escape! All in all, however, you make your peace with life, and have many old friends.

I am precise in whatever I do, but can rarely do away with suspicions. I hardly smile and yes, I avoid conflict but get irritated when things do not happen. I yearn to run away from home but as this is not possible anytime soon, find solace in blogging, gym etc I have some old friends but take my time to make new.

I guess I am more of a dreamer who mostly lives in dream deferred


  1. To be honest I hate those FB quizzes /ex. When you will get married? or What's the first letter of your future husband?/ and I rarely do them. But this one might be quite interesting, I wonder what's the name of it.

    "You like it best when there is a group consensus, and yet you are easily annoyed by the slowness and/or stupidity of others" - very accurate to me as well.

    If you had a chance, where would you run away?

  2. O i llove these quizes...
    great time pass...
    n the one u took was quite nice...
    even i ll take it if i come across..
    Self discovery thru these quizes aren't bad..
    wt say?

  3. I hate these fb quizes because I believe that life is way too short to waste on these quizes. People can't be defined by a bunch of survey questions because every individual is way too unique and complicated.

  4. i too HATE such Quizes, and i see millions of invitation from god knows whom.They mostly endup sounding like me, so i have stopped trying. :)

  5. i took a quiz where they tell u what kinda person you are gonna settle down with. and it said i wud settle with a classmate.

    lucky i went 2 a co-ed school.

    and then there is this quiz where they tell u what kind of animal u are.

    what does that say about the makers?

    are they accusing us of being animals? :P
    ps: i m never taking any of those quizes again.

  6. sometimes these quizzzes can be a on target,nice timepass but actually that's it :)

  7. I am a dreamy idealist...
    my God so much negative into one!