Friday, July 10, 2009

What I like/dislike about myself – some questions

Yesterday I attended a Personal Effectiveness Training at my office, which was a day-long affair consisting of games, team-building exercises and other know-yourself-better activities. As part of this all participants were given a ‘Self Acceptance’ sheet, wherein we had to analyze ourselves and write about how we like/dislike ourselves. The sheet actually had only two questions, but my responses were long-thought out and by the end, had raised more unanswered questions about myself in my mind

Make a list of at least ten positive attributes you possess
1. Avoid causing harm to others
2. Very straightforward
3. Simple outlook
4. Academic bent of mind
5. Enjoy reading well-written books
6. Interest in politics and current affairs
7. Spiritual inclination
8. Disciplined life/no awaarapan
9. Command of English language
10. Not spendthrift

Make a list of things you do not like about yourself
1. Not helpful to others
2. Often stay in melancholy
3. Do not mix easily around
4. Poor hygiene
5. Sometimes egoistic
6. Do not smile
7. No proper hobbies/interests
8. Need to have more will-power
9. Lack a good physical attitude
10. Afraid of dogs

Now that did put some questions to me


  1. academic bent of mind *high five*

    but do not smile? =|

  2. Oh dear dear! You don't like dogs?? That's positively horrible!

  3. Ah! So what questions did these raise in your mind ?

  4. like melancholy, and afraid of dogs thats me totally!!

  5. We definitely AINT twins...hehe...the differences are HUGE :D...



  6. I can tell you with a certain degree of positivity that disliking dogs is not negative. I dislike tiny little babies who whine all the time. There, make yourself feel better :)

  7. may i say that i relate with you completely... though i have like other 10 points to add :) but then we all just cant rid ourselves of our variety :)


  8. disliking dogs is fine as long as you don't hate them :P
    do you?:P
    the first positive cancels out the first negative ..kinda I mean..

    your list of positives is good and the one on negatives sounds like most of us:)
    except why don't you smile?:/

  9. poor hygiene? metro seksual ban jao

    little ego is okay. necessary sometimes

    you don't smile watching 'maal' types also in malls?

  10. Not liking dogs is NOT a bad thing!!!!

    But hey!! Smiling is not that difficult you know. I do it all the time, more so when I have to get out of trouble. :)

    And btw, don't you ever reply to the cooments?

    Ohhh, that's you not mixing around easily, is it?? :P lol Kidding.