Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Undy bundy sundy

Today morning before taking a shower, I picked up my clothes from my cupboard before stepping into the bathroom. While doing so, I could not help notice the variety of underwears that have entered my cupboard off late. True most of them are the same, a band of elastic at top with bottom shaping up to cover my most valued assets; but they all are a bit different also, each carrying the sweat, toil and the unmentionable of different days.

Guess undies are the most intimate part of your attire. Nothing else covers you where it is required the most and nothing else, not even your Armani suit, are you actually so much concerned about the comfort and the fit. My gender is not alone in being choosy about the most important wear, the fairer sex also takes its time in picking up their panties & matching bras. But I envy them for the variety they have, we guys never wear anything sexy pink or with bright red roses in shades of fairy white. Also the panty cloth is much thinner than what we wear; perhaps they have to adjust somethings inside once a month

I have not bought much undies this year, though had bought a good stock last year during sale at City Center. Those were actually good ones with good fit covering my huge behind and enough flexibility in front for any hard-ons. Shopping for undies is also a personal effort, for no one will gift you these significant requirements; girlfriends also refrain from indulging here, unlike us pervert boys who never miss the mischief in anniversary gifts.

Like many others I am particular while buying undies, it has to have the feel and should not prick. Also I am not a big color freak, I like my ones to be dark colored, have never worn the whites ever. My favorite shades are black, dark green and steel grey. Perhaps it is easier to wash off the overnight semen from the darker ones, which explains my preference.

I have observed that there is always a hint of reticence when dealing with your most treasured garment. I guess I am not alone who smirks when pulling one on or when taking off shyly, all the time avoiding the mirror in front. Perhaps there is a coyness associated & felt by all when doing the dress/undress part, unless you are in the world’s oldest profession & have a professionalism attached to the whole exercise.

The one I am wearing today is a dark grey Classic Van Heusen, with folds in front (don’t know why they keep them still, I never feel safe pulling my organ out from there) and enough stretch or rather stretched behind. Do you remember which one you have on right now?


  1. First time here and I get to be first! What do I get :)? Off to read the post

  2. As a matter of fact I do. I agree with you though. I personal believe what you have on underneath can make or break your day. I approve this post. lol

    p.s. thanx for stopping by.

  3. You come up with the most vague topics EVER! and the best part is you go about it with so much ease!

    Couldnt agree to your post more.. i havent heard of girls gifting their guys undies though the vice versa happens quite often!

    Different topic! Liked it!

  4. hahahaha and i thought i fly weird ;)

  5. ha ha ha

    Real men go commando!

    This is an important issue that you have tackled, and the treatment given to this has been extremely judicious and just. Loved reading it :)

    If you get time sometime, please do stop by my internet blackhole, thefuckedup.blogspot.com

    See ya around.


  6. hmm well u could do tighthy whities, boxer briefs, boxers & commando, or maybe even a thong (I know a guy who tried it, he wont recommend it)

    colors? dinosaurs, bright American apparel, and normal :)

  7. the ck one is funny.. prison undies!

  8. What a unique post! I don't think I have ever come across such a post in my life :D kudos to you for that! hehehe

    And hmmm... you actually want inner wear that is sexy pink or which has bright red roses ???? Whoa!

  9. It's hard to stay positive when you're worried all the time. I try really hard, but sometimes that's just not enough to cut it. Hopefully my situation will be getting better, and soon. I don't know how much more I can take!

  10. hahah :P

    so u r from kolkata? i just thought because u mentioned city centre.. :)

    hehe and about the post..well what can i say..its outrageous funny and yet so sensible..only you can do it! :D :)

  11. Oh lord, I'm scandalized!! Never imagined something on such a subject, lol!

    I have to visit more often... realized your blog wasn't on my Reader, so just added it. Will be regular now.

  12. yea I do...u really wanna knw?