Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ten Random Things About Me

1. I am reading the latest book by Advaita Kala, off late I have developed a liking for chick lit stuff

2. I like mountains more than the sea. Perhaps having been brought up in Kashmir, this is kinda natural

3. I molested a girl in open corridor in high school. It all got hushed up then, but is still the talk of the town sometimes

4. I am petrified of dogs; manytimes I run on just hearing barking anywhere nearby

5. I guess I am bi-curious; or maybe it was just plain curiosity when those raging hormones took control during puberty

6. I hardly played anything as a kid, but really regret it now, as I tend to put on easily

7. My favorite porn clip is the threesome from ‘Wild things’; it beats Basic Instinct and Monster’s Ball by a long margin

8. I am not attached to anyone; perhaps has something to do with my solitary life

9. My idea of a perfect evening is a quiet drink with friends; that’s why I prefer lounge bars over discs. The drink too should preferably be a malt, not the desi stuff

10. Since I have been here I have loved blogging. Nowhere else could I vent out so candidly


  1. i prefer lounge bars over discs any day.. somehow even otherwise well-mannered people look like fools in discs

    bi curious? i think a lot of us have been! part of growing up


    i am petrified of stray cows.. and ya dogs too. stray dogs. its ok if im inside the car


    YOU MOLESTED A GIRL!?!??! *one tight slap*


    which book by advaita kala? i am so bad at this.. i recently read one of her's and i have forgotten the name!!! fuck.

  2. wow what awesomeness in honesty!

    you put my expectations of ur pour higher and higher :)

  3. Wow.. you are an honest guy :). I usually don't read stuff like this because people are usually sugar coating their life's experiences just so they can sound all decent and nice. But you didn't go anywhere to look for any inspiration except you just went back and brought it back exactly the way it was :)

    Cheers to your honesty. Oh and I hope you don't molest girls anymore cuz thats not cool lol.

  4. Oh lord! Point No. 3 is very disturbing... I hope you're filled with remorse and regret!

  5. You know I have come to read this post a few times, each time I have been at a loss of words because I just couldn't get past point 3. I am not going to commend you for it at all. I guess being a girl myself I can't help but look at acts like this with disdain..Yes, you were honest in your post, but what you did wasn't. I am no one to pronounce judgments but what you did so wasn't cool. I really hope that was just the one and the only time you have done something like this.

  6. Oh, and I can totally relate to points 4, 8, 9 and 10.

  7. ayyy very honest post.

    I can relate to 2 - that's why I live in "mountains" but still I've got beautiful lake! And this view... Dear Lord!

    ...8 - this a problem. I don't attach easily but if I finally do - I'm done. It takes me LOADS of time to stop feeling attached if I'm hurt or whatever... /does it have any sense?/
    or it has to die naturally...

    9 - I love that kind of bars! I can't wait when they open Buddha Bar here! It's gonna be my favorite spot!

  8. molested a girl?
    *castrating u*
    dont ever do it again!!it haunts a girl forever.
    but ur honesty is admirable.

  9. I liked your blog very much.Its very nice and interesting.Lovely post.You are welcome in my blogs.

  10. dude you have a sad, sad life.

  11. dude you definitely do have a sad sad life.

  12. :D
    Honest aren't thou? What do you eat man, lemme know, so I can avoid the stuff!

  13. so the next post was about this point 3.. hmmmmm...

  14. Wow!! What honesty!! Even though I hate you for molesting a girl, I think I admire you.

  15. was just searchin for blogs related to between the sheet and got here....dude have to agree on 7th one...truly divine...and yup you have the balls dude to write this one....loved your straight forwardedness..and i too was an avid bts listner

  16. Dude,
    Get a girlfriend.