Monday, July 13, 2009

Life sucks

Life is neither a bed of roses nor an odyssey of eternal ecstasy and at times life does fuck you hard. I guess everyone has their own share of fucking moments which end up pinching somewhere, but they actually pinch harder when repeated often

* You log on to Facebook and see photos of good, horny, party moments from folks you know and start despising your mundane life. Those foreign vacations seem distant, rocking parties seem to never happen, lovely cleavage displaying chicks will stare at you only from your laptop monitor. You know it feels worse when offer is actually tempting…if you know what I mean

* A feedback session is held among your co-workers asking for anonymous feedbacks about team members, if they want to share any. Bouquets and brickbats fly thick and fast but later when feedback is individually shared, you discover you figure nowhere with no mention in things either good or bad. Talk of team presence!

* Everyone desires share of wine and women and you are denied both. Former is restricted to outings with friends, where I end up covering for the missed out part; while latter’s presence in my life is similar to that of rose in a desert.

* HDFC is punctual to mail bank statements on time but each time you loathe at the pittance you make. Thanks to the economy you can’t even think of a job change now, and end up as spectators while your peers continue minting dough

* You enjoy watching porn and floating in ecstasy but realize will have to wait to taste the real thing till you get married or someone comes round as a sport or if everything else fails, give the paid variety a try. Few days back, loitering outside Metro mall I saw a broker fixing a deal, phew the chick did look maal

* You have finally reconciled to your workplace and in a depleting economy, can see the brighter picture; but coming back home doesn’t bring too many smiles, though comforts are available in plenty. I guess its better to be without luxuries in life than without warmth in relationships.

Now when you think of all that, doesn’t life suck?


  1. Yes well, it does, I guess. (Yeah, I'm not one of the commentors who'd say "no no sweetie, it's all good!" :P)

    But. When things seem the crappiest, something awesome DOES happen. So suck it up and wait for the awesomeness to start. All the best!!!

  2. *No foreign travel? Settle for India, for the time being! Go Goa! They say that if anyone wants to get laid, he can easily do so in Goa ;)

    *No feedback? Hmm... make yourself heard! But think of the folks who were completely slammed!

    Sigh! Can't offer any tips w.r.t. acquiring sex. You were once questioning your sexuality, no? A good time to be bi-curious! ;) Easy to find it on this side of the spectrum, I'm told...
    But if not, as Qi said... it happens when you're least expecting it :D

  3. I think the last line clinched the whole thing..its always better to be without luxuries than warmth in a relationship..your time will come soon enough!!

  4. Life sucks Rockss big timeee...!!

    Waiting is fun...!!

    RoadWays to Destination are more bful than the reaching point...!!

    I loveeee your post...

  5. I beg to differ..unlike Ki i dont think it does....everyone's got something happening in their life worth admiring and enjoying...and i mean EVERYONE...even U find that something and enjoy..else like Ki said..wait for the AwSMness to begin :)


  6. I think we all have something happening in our lives. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. I can relate to this feeling because I've been going through a tough time and thats all I can think about even though there is so much more to life than just that but no matter how long the night is.. the dawn's gotta break sometime soon. Cheers!

  7. haha i know the facebook thing. too many people have gone out and holidayed in my friend list .. CRAPPP it is!

  8. Luxuries doesn't bring happiness. Warmth in relationship does. When you have that, life shouldn't suck as much!

  9. Yes Life suchks :). Many situations can be identified with .
    SO is is going to be Riya or Sophie;)

  10. it may suck now, but it won't suck forever.
    good luck!:)

  11. I just love this post.. I know it was about life being crappy and all that but you put it really succinctly.. I find myself saying all the time that life sucks big time.. atleast for me, whereas all around me all my friends and acquaintances seem to be having a fantastic time.. they suck too :p

  12. hehe, if one gos by ur examples, yes life does SUCK the FUCK out.But isnt it asking too much out of life?:)

  13. the post is cute... and yes undoubtedly true too..!!