Thursday, July 2, 2009

A lot of shit happens

Last night had logged on to Facebook before retiring to bed, which is unusual for I am not a big fan of this latest craze. I was about to sign out when suddenly a chat window opened, with an old classmate/flame/bomb on line. She was earlier working with Taj in Mumbai & Delhi & is now in UK, having eloped with a chef. However I never knew the conversation would be so eventful, fascinating excerpts reproduced below

She: Hey wassup?

Me: Nothing you tell…kya ho raha hain

She: Kucch nahin…missing old life

Me: Yeah…must be missing your people

She: Little bit….also remembering good old days at work

Me: Ohh….i know, you had a good time at Taj Colaba & Mansingh

She: Trust me I did….lot of fun, masti, gossip….also scandals

Me: Scandals….in the hotel?

She: No…not with staff yaar….guests, short time visitors from bollywood J

Me: Be specific. Can’t get you

She: Arre yaar, these glamour chics used to come for a shot

Me: So…..(confused)

She: U r too seedha

Me: That I am….but how is this related to your gossip??

She: A lot of shit happens….short time room bookings with NRIs, honchos, politicians etc

Me: Ohh….you mean flings

She: But well paid ones….VJs, actresses etc…some were frequent

Me: So you know all this juicy gossips….

She: I am still in touch with few guys who used to arrange this…

Me: You are….how can you be….

She: Arre sab chalta hain…..many times we made remaining payments….I myself have done the cash transfers

Me: Who all used to come??

She: Abbey saare aate they……tujhe koi chahiye ho to bol…Riya, Celina, Sophie, Kashmira, Mahima, Roshni…

Me: So you were in all this trash…..(Infuriated)

She: Haan agar yahan nahi aayee hoti to shaayad main bhi….

I first puked but later shagged like hell


  1. hahahaha

    hmm sophie looks like one of those.

    lol @ tujhe koi chahiye to bol

  2. huh!!!
    ok lemme shake the lol off first!

  3. Roshini was the head girl of my school ... wow...

  4. that was some info!!whos roshini?

  5. yeah who roshini

    the rest i am not surprised at all :)

    riya pretty known one.. i guess this lady forgot sameera etc...

    btw mahima as in chowdhury?? :)

  6. dis is perhaps called d bitter truth...!!!

  7. :D.....sweeet..sophie is a given...:)..riya not surprising at all...mms sucked though.. :D


  8. that was some conversation!