Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clear & present danger

Life these days in office is like sitting on doorway to hell. Since the job cuts have been announced, a perpetual fear seems to have gripped everybody here. We know we are in excess, we know we do not have much work to do, we know we come under a redundant job code, we know excess flab like us will be trimmed, worse we know there are no jobs in market. Knowing all this, coupled with the ongoing lay-offs in my workplace & almost everywhere else, has put everyone’s balls on fire.

Everyday after reaching back home, first question asked is if there is any news on job front. In office, amidst the growing tension, the shrinking face of boss, seen through his window each time he looks our way, adds fuel to fire. Also with almost no work in office, talk on everybody’s lips is of the impending catastrophe. Now that it is certain some jobs in our unit will also be axed, everybody’s destiny is on test here.

Since the everyday routine of work is also non-existent, all talks during frequent coffee breaks & deliberate time-engaging meetings drifts to who will go & who will stay. Suddenly everyone here seems to be an expert in manpower planning & budgeting, with new theories of organization future plan cropping up everyday. Personally my options if I get chucked here is to become a freelance blog commenter, a bartender or a gigolo…only things which I can perhaps do well to either pass time or to earn my own dough.

One thing I have learnt from this clear & present danger is that if life fucks you, it fucks you hard.

1 comment:

  1. Everything will be fine even if things are not the same.

    *if I get chucked here is to become a freelance blog commenter, a bartender or a gigolo

    I'm glad that you thinking of alternatives but gigolo is a bit too much :)

    there are much better options :)

    take care... wishing you the best... cheers...