Saturday, February 7, 2009

Party at Buzz

First things first. Had a department meeting in the morning wherein it was confirmed that lay offs are a reality & HR is not insular from other units & will be affected by lay offs also. There was total silence round the table & perhaps the only question everyone had: who & when? It comes as no surprise, as the news was widely expected but now everyone will have to watch their stars.

In the evening there was an office bash at a nearby pub, Buzz in DLF City Center. Imagine lay offs being announced in the day & same set of people partying in the night! As usual I was one of the earliest to arrive & perhaps also one of the most excited. Buzz has a great ambience inside & the dim lights do give a nice feel. We had reserved the sofas near the entrance, for our group to make hay. To start with there was no whisky of my choice, no Signature, Vat 69, Peter Scot, Royal Challenge. Only Teacher’s, Blender’s Pride, Black & White. Ugh…tried a new thing, Bacardi Reserva, a dark colored rum; thankfully it tasted good. Fortunately smoking was allowed, so got a new pack of Gold Flake Lights to give company to Bacardi. It surely must have given good company, 10 sticks with 8 Bacardi large. More snacks was ordered as everybody started trooping in. As the grooving started & dance floor got crowded I moved towards ice bar to get my stick lighted, where I noticed a fair colored, sleeveless, flirty eyed hot thing enjoying a smoke & eyeing me. I returned the eyes, when she commented that I was staring at her. I replied yes sweetie I am staring. I returned back to my place & continued with my merrymaking. I went again after sometime & found her again making stares. I too ogled at her to my heart’s content & also interjected some comments with stares. She too reciprocated with her share of comments, but before there could be any further progress the bouncer intervened & took me away.

By this time I must have been completely sloshed. Perhaps one thing I could have refrained from was commenting on another colleague, who was enjoying her vodka. She was dressed in a pretty outfit which revealed her legs. I complimented her on the shiny texture & told her how they reminded me of hot chocolate fudge! Luckily there was no one listening around & she left soon.

Soon I was having a ball on the dance floor, which had become completely crowded by now. I was enjoying my smoke & drink, when I thought the middle of the dance floor was a better area to be in. While moving there I was suddenly grabbed by the bouncer, who dragged me straight outside. I didn’t know what was happening, as I saw my boss & other colleagues too come rushing behind us worried. Before the bouncer could deal with me, they jumped in & stared pleading on my behalf. Chhota hain, chhod do…my cigarette was extinguished & I was taken in & made to sit on a single sofa. I didn’t get up after that & when I asked others what had actually transpired, I was told that my ciggie had hurt someone. Perhaps a part of the indignation for the bouncer could also be earlier incident with the pretty white smoking staring chick.

When the party ended I was on an absolute high. Perhaps I should have drunk some plain water along with the 8 x 60ml Bacardi Reserva. I don’t remember where & when I was dropped late in the night & the next morning I am still nursing a massive hangover. The omelet in the morning burnt on my tongue & I still have tobacco lurking in my numb mind. I had slept with my shoes on, which I noticed only after waking up. Next time will have to careful – difficult to compromise on Bacardi, so better go without footwear!!

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