Sunday, February 22, 2009

Whirlwind weekend

Whoa...the past weekend just whizzed by in a jiffy. I was planning to post last evening but was sooo tired, could not find the strength to sit up & blog. So here I am writing from office on a relatively warm Monday morning, recounting from past two days.

Saturday afternoon I had planned to go out with an office colleague for beer & snacks, but the program got cancelled last minute as he had some other commitment. My beer deprived soul was craving for some drops of fostered kingfisher-like thuderbolt with a bud(weiser)dy, but being denied the same left me in some turmoil. I mean its too tough when you have actually programmed yourself to raise a toast & enjoy the froth of malted lager, to then stay back at home & watch TV. To compensate I went out for a tandoori lunch, a distant & poor replacement for the good times I had imagined with the King of good times.

Saturday evening I attended a marriage reception at JNU. It was of some family friend & since no one else could go, I was representing my family tree. JNU continues to amaze me, the way parts of it still remain in a time warp. The marriage was non-descript by all standards, however I got to meet some old folks whom I had not seen in a long time. Delhi atleast is better than Gurgaon in some ways; it allows you to meet some of your kith & kin, unlike the Millennium city which remains elitist & snobbish. The difference between the two places is just like difference between a mall & a bazaar; mall will always have more glitter while a bazaar will provide more utility.

Sunday morning I attended & participated in Toastmasters Area level contest, where I was part of Table Topics. The event stretched on for a long time which I had not anticipated. I could only manage to run by 3:30 in afternoon after reaching the venue at 10 in the morning. However must say the event was enjoyable & some of the talks delivered were really good. Also there were a couple of cute young chicks attending perhaps first time. One of them spoke about tasting alcohol first time when she was in college, which put my imagination to fire thinking about a cocktail of this hottie with another cocktail. The only embarrassment perhaps for me was being the only one to turn out in casuals while almost everyone else was smartly attired in business formals. Point noted, next time forget Sunday dressing for such affairs.

Late afternoon I went for a movie Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise. The film is surely worth watching, which tells the story of an assassination attempt on Hitler while beautifully capturing German war splendor. I wonder why such films are not made in India, for the only Hindi films that I can recount is either a so-called fresh Gen Y film, which ends up as a feel good candy floss or some tried & tested formula film with a predictable storyline. Perhaps I will get to see something better soon, for I may be watching the long-delayed watching Slumdog Millionaire today evening, as news of its doing well at Oscars is just trickling in.

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  1. Slumdog I thought was a disappointment. Nice blog btw. Commenting here for the first time. Would love to see more.