Monday, February 2, 2009

What I did past weekend

The past weekend was eventful & had glimpses of action attached with it. For one I did not get bored sitting at home, but did have occasions to do stuff I liked. Friday evening my cousin was supposed to come from Delhi before he leaves for Bangalore final time. He eventually turned up on Saturday morning, so had to take him around, talk about his future, give my two cents of stupid advice & finally see him off. In the evening had to attend a colleague’s wedding in R K Puram. Normally I would have gone without any cribs, but was more happy this time as I was getting a pick n drop by another colleague, so Scrooge dear saved on fuel (my old miser self). However the route taken was not the best of lot as Mehrauli road was unusually crowded. So had to sit on back seat for two hours staring at the faces going back home from the car window & listening to new soundtracks on FM. Some of the music out these days does sound interesting, especially a new soundtrack “Yeh Dilli hain meri jaan…” from Dilli 6. Saw the visuals of this song a few days back, must say the director has captured the colors of Delhi with its charms of Janpath & Old Delhi thrown in. Any body who has spent his college life in Delhi will easily relate to the splendors shown in the video.

After spending two hours crawling on the MG Road finally reached destination after two hours. The marriage was non descript by all standards, the venue being an MCD baratghar. Invitees were also limited & the celebration style was also recession-hit reduced. Add to it no liquor was served, though I could spot a watchman-lookalike grandfather-type old man takeout a bottle of 8 PM at one corner. On enquiry I was told with all due curtness, that it was reserved for only guests from guys side. The saving grace was all the office crowd was together & my boss asked me if I would like to join him for a smoke outside the pandal. Neki aur pooch pooch…I trooped outside & enjoyed puffing the silk cut stick in the cold night. Unexpectedly boss dearest started a conversation about office mood & wanted to know my take on it. I was candid enough to admit that lay-offs have created a sense of panic & the uncertain times are not sources of elation for anyone. Unless some fears are dispelled, the scary anticipation of management sword will continue. However buttery me did not leave any opportunity of praising MyLord either. I appreciated boss’ leadership & how things have changed since he took over.

Sunday morning attended Toastmasters meeting, after waking up at a lazy 9 AM. The meeting continued for a good two-three hours as there was a contest this time. I surprised my self by speaking well & getting a prize in Table Topics, the extempore competition. Whoa could not believe it, but felt really elated after winning. In the evening saw Luck By Chance at PVR with a family friend & Mom. I had two females with lovely asses sitting right beside me, who commented uninhibitedly on Farhan’s cute face. Perhaps they knew I was their ass admirer, for they grew quiet after my few stares in direction of you-know-where. Before sleeping caught on few videos on net from L word, perhaps it’s a TV series in west on Lesbians. Must say they do have some saucy stuff, especially some make-out scenes look elegant, not the usual run of the mill porn you get to see.

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    couldnt stop laughing at the recession hit wedding celebrations in your post..:)

    i saw Luckbychance on sat, and thot it was a decent movie, very colorful... and yes, LWord was a shocker to me[ 1st n last time i saw it...]