Thursday, February 5, 2009

Death knell mail

What the fuck. Came to office today morning & switched on my system, as I do everyday. Couples of usual mails to be sorted then move on to work, as usual. No different from any other day, except a mail from Corporate Announcements. These mails usually announce new projects, changes at strategic levels, happenings in US head office etc. This time the mail is from Chairman of the corporation from San Francisco & over six seven paras highlights present day economic tough times & ends with announcing reduction in workforce. The mail has literally set the cat among the pigeons & all faces across all the floors look a picture of gloom. It appears there is a tragedy awaiting or as if we all are working in a concentration camp. The tension is palpable & those in recently clearly know they are on the firing line.

The engulfed panic set the tone for rest of the day. A meeting in morning got over early & only when my unit employees were left, talks veered off to the morning mail. Seems I am not the only one who has read the mail, written in immaculate language, over & over again. The way the mail sequentially explains economic imbroglio & logically ends with the dreaded words, it seems lay off is only days away. Had an official lunch in afternoon followed by another meeting. The biryani served in the lunch never tasted so insipid before, & even as I have just returned from the meeting finishing early, don’t know if I should now get back to work, for don’t know how long will anybody work here!!

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