Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cost cutting...

Today morning I wanted a few print outs of a few mails, but found the printer not responding. Tried again but of no avail. Checked the printer connectivity, server name, documents in queue…nothing deviant detected. Called up the IT experts & was told some of the printers have gone slow & are not responding. Apparently my organization has not renewed contract with the HP vendor due to cost-cutting & as such some printers may default soon!

Some of the cost cutting measures adopted at my workplace are simply amusing & baffling, to say the least. Below highlighted are some innovative, dollar pruning mechanisms adopted by arguably one of the world’s largest corporations:

* Coffee machines on each floor have been reduced. Instead of two on each end, only one survives. The earlier robotic advanced versions have also been done away with. Instead a simpler, tap-resembling chaiwallah type machine is in place.

* The tea bags have been reduced & some of the flavored varieties no longer survive. No more ginger tea, cardamom tea, mint tea etc. Only one standard Brooke Bond tea bag.

* Lights are to be put on only when required. Infact few days back my manager’s cabin was so dimly lit, I thought he may not be in. On closer scrutiny I discovered him very much inside, working only by the glow of the PC screen.

* As per a new policy all mails more than three months old will be automatically deleted from the mailbox. Apparently maintaining all mails on the server is consuming too much of server space, which the organization may not afford very easily.

* Few days back I ordered tea for all participants in a training program. I was asked for a charge number since there will be no more free tea service in the office.

* The new office was supposed to have a gym soon. As the story goes, the proposal for the same was torn to bits by the visiting President last month.

* Company newsletters will no longer be published. Only a soft copy of same will be released on intranet, which all employees can access every month.

* Cream biscuits are no longer served to guests or for that matter anyone. Perhaps you guessed the reason why

* Office stationery is no longer easily available. May require a lot of sifarish for an HB pencil.

* Free late night drop for employees staying late has been done away with. If you are required to stay late, you are your own responsibility.

Going by these trends very soon we may find an organization wide appeal for donating generously to the Company Relief Fund, with donation boxes kept at reception accompanied by pictures of dollar crumbling, stock markets burning & employees crying!!

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  1. Oh wow.. looks like things are on a slide downward pretty fast!!!! Sad indeed!!!