Saturday, February 14, 2009

Of course I love latest read

My latest read has been a small book titled “Of course I love you…till I find someone better”. It is a young book written by two youngsters, both of whom started their corporate careers recently. The credits mention authors to be Durjoy Dutta – looks like a stud in photograph & Maanvi Ahuja – a hot, pretty thing. Apparently story of the novel is their own – the guy is a DCE pass out, while the chick has just come out of SRCC. The plot revolves around the main character – Deb, a young stud from a middle class service Bong family who is a lady killer in night & student of DCE during day. Infact he has been making out with so many females that he himself has lost count. The book details his sexcapades in different parts of Delhi, with him fucking innocent, college going classmates in middle of night at vintage locations of Central & South Delhi. His exploits continue till he meets a beauty of a female Avantika, who has a history of alcohol but is now sober & residing in SRCC hostel. They both fall for each other & their romance (& sex) continues. Also giving them company is a group of friends, having the usual characters you will find in a college gang, two punjabi studs, one nerd, one hot chick who mouths abuses liberally & also sleeps with anybody around.

How these youngsters managed to get the book published was because of some blog they used to write, which detailed out their sexcapades & caught attention of some publisher, amongst a large number of readers (wonder if my blog will ever get this fortune). Strange because they are very open & explicit about their sexual adventures & after reading, making out seems a very natural, normal thing to do in school & college. I am aware that youngsters in Delhi have very less inhibitions these days & many students do make out, visit prostitutes, shag together etc but never knew it was so open. I passed out from DU about six seven years back, but never came across such sluts being accepted as normal. True, girls were bold, especially Modernites, who discussed everything from their boob size to maximum length of my dick but no open physical invitation was ever given. In fact Hindu College hostel allowed girls to visit & many spent nights with their boyfriends, drank alcohol with them, saw porn together with group of classmates etc but that was that. Never, at least till I was there, was college & hostel ever a ground for abandoning moral inhibitions altogether & seeking new orgies every time.

Atleast one positive in the well written book is the depiction of Art of Living. Good to know that youngsters are taking this positive path more & more, & understanding self, life & universe, much like it has happened with me. AOL is perhaps the only savior of today’s lifestyles & helps make correct judgment in times of uncertain outcomes.

Well one thought which did crop after this read - If the adventures & open sex mentioned is all too real & happening now in Delhi, perhaps I was born a bit too soon!!

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  1. The porn is just an outward reflection of the situation going on when you aren't watching.

    Although North America isn't any better.