Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ladies only

Amazing how gender can alter the way one uses lot many things. A case in point is the toilets & the when & why they are used by both males & females. In my office each floor has two sets of toilet at end of each floor. As everywhere, gents & ladies toilets are adjacent to each other & in many cases doors face each other. Though both the rooms are similar in structure & perhaps have same number of loo outlets, no points for guessing which one has more users & generates more noise.

Ladies toilet is busy perhaps at all times of day & the boisterous voices keep emanating whenever a sizable number is inside. Times when it will be found to be most densely populated inside is morning, after lunch & evening. As a rule many females (including the hotter ones), visit loo first thing in the morning i.e. after entering office building & before logging in their workstations. Guess a beauty make-up & boob adjustment is essential before anybody sets eyes on them. After lunch men/gents/boys also visit the toilet, but it is the other sex who makes more noise inside their den, often commenting on their bosses, stud-resembling men, periods, latest discounts etc.

After smoking was banned in offices, evening visits in ladies toilet has thankfully reduced, for no mouth rinsing is required now. In my last organization many times I over heard whispers of saali sutta kidhar hain from the adjacent loo wall.

I must admit that peeping toms are found in both sexes; since both toilets in my floor face each other, it is almost everyone’s endeavor to put a casual glance in other direction before entering the one marked for use of one’s own gender. Curiosity I guess is common to all mankind (woman kind also), that’s why both the sexes are inquisitive in whats happening in the other toilet. No wonder the toilet sweeper is one of the most envied guys in the office, for he is the only male allowed to enter a zone clearly marked “Ladies only”


  1. Whaat????? there is a guy cleaning women's toilet??????why????? very strange!!!!!


  2. hey yea somehow found this strange..most toilets - males and females faced each other..wonder why!

    The one thing i liked in toilets at work had soothing music playing :)