Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bhai koi hain

Off late something strange is happening in my life, no not the supernatural variety but something of coming of age type. I am of marriageable age, atleast that’s what being 28 means in our society, and suddenly people are talking, or rather asking when I plan to take the bold step. However I fail to understand what growing in age has to do with being married?

To be honest, many of the people I grew up with have tied the knot or are due to do so soon and they are comprised of both the genders. It feels kind of strange that same people I used to play with the other day are now running their own household, and I am still living the life of yesteryears. Though I never gave marriage a serious thought earlier, but now seem to getting reconciled to the idea of a marriage soon

Perhaps one reason for a tacit acceptance of concept of marriage has to do with the loneliness in my life. I long for the passion and warmth that companionship can bring, the female aura which does act as a catalyst to the male hormone, the unmatchable heady feeling; or as Sushmita Sen once said, its only a woman who tells a man what loving, caring and sharing is all about. And yes, I also long to have sex, and am desperate to get my daily dose. I have contacted some of the escort service providers advertised in Hindustan Times and they do have some decent stuff available but at a cost. Had I not been living with my family, would have surely arranged a rendezvous by now. Come on don’t deny, don’t we all love doing it

During some of my nights I do feel lonely, lying alone in bed either surfing porn or doing some other stuff. Many times I wish I could speak to someone, someone who could bring some excitement in my life, someone with warmth and belongingness. I used to have phone sex with a girl some years back, but she too comes as busy or engaged now. I yearn for a female body and soul; require more of former than latter

This is not to say that marriage will be all bliss. First I have to get away from my folks, no question of staying with them and tying the knot, which will be like making a special booking and reservation in hell. Also all those married are not necessarily enjoying themselves. In my recent post, the suicide happened due to dissonance in marriage, that too after 30 married years. A companion has to be carefully chosen…one you can trust, who cares and of course does not bite

Guess I am getting desperate; my ejaculations also have lost that old force, being a virgin can be frustrating at times. Any co-desperate soul lurking nearby? Bhai koi hain…


  1. If you are craving marriage just for the sake of sex, I don't think you should jump into it just yet.. sex is an important part of marriage, atleast initially, and if lucky for a long time but that isn't the only thing (sorry if I sound like I am preaching, cuz I am not).. you say you are craving a woman's body more than the soul - I can't believe I am saying this, but you should call those escorts just to cool yourself off.. with sex on your mind so much, you may end up marrying the wrong person.. but perhaps getting a little action on the side before hand may help cool you down.. again, I can't believe I am telling a guy to pay someone to have sex..

  2. if its only a femaly body that you are craving for, more than a 100 other things that marriage ca bring than ponder over it a bit more..

    by the way 28 is granny might look at you with popping eyes..

    but according to me age has got nothing to do with marriage.. do get serious though.. and feel the need for a life partner.. soon you will be coupled.. :)

  3. hope you find a sexy, hot, fun, loving, understanding, LOYAL woman soon.

    daily dose of sex ha ha ha, yeah i guess marriage does guarantee one thing!

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  5. If you're in no hurry to get married, clearly you're not in a hurry to have kids, right? Time is definitely running out for that!

    Yes, marriage wouldn't be a bad idea, provided you were willing to commit and settle down. Since you don't have a rampant sex-life at the moment, it doesn't sound like it will be hard. Why not mix staying at home, and bringing home a wife?

    As the peeps above me said, have sex with whatever you can manage, and then decide if you still think marriage is the way to go.

    Maybe you can actively consider some women, spend time dating them for a few months and see if commitment is really your thing?

  6. Hope you find your girl soon!

  7. When we are not married Sex becomes one of the most important thing as its not easily available in India.Once u get married it becomes the last thing of your mind.Initial dies down in as many days as many years you have thought about it.May be maximum 28 if we consider you started thinking about sex at the age of 1:D.

    Marriage is certainly not a very good idea...Its better to have a live in rather than being burdened by expectations of yur spouce your parents ,,your in laws and what all not shit...Its a big time hindrance of your independence which you are taking as a loneliness...

    Ball is in yur court now

  8. I think you need a nimfo as your wife.. remember that marriage doesn't guarantee a daily sex dose /I was peeing my pants reading this one! -sorry/

    I agree with Rookie you need to go somewhere and use a bit of this and that, maybe would be good to find a f**king friend? that would be a good solution for now..

    here everyone gets married between 20-25 and they are divorced 5 years later...

  9. Hope u soon find ur soul !! Till then enjoy with the other souls..:P

    Just kiddin...all the best anyways :)

  10. I had a boyfriend for most of my life and I always assumed I would be married or at least engaged by now but I'm not and it's not too bad.

    Marriage kills the sex anyway. I'd rather be single and stick with my buddy.

  11. I think it will a lot cooler and better to find what Sushmita Sen is talking about than plunging into marriage :)

    TC Pesto, Delhi itni bhi durr nahin.

  12. Y'know I read in some random blog about someone who gave tips for arranged marriaged and mentioned to be wary of those pushing to the 30's... or something like it.

    I guess it's the stereotypical mindset of the society that forces marriage the moment one is in the latter half of the 20's.

    Marriage ain't the solution for sex.. you just need to make an effort and the world around you changes.

    And lol, I hope your bhai koi hain will yeild some results ;)

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  14. there are so many out there feeling the say way you are feeling dude....