Saturday, August 8, 2009

No one dies alone

I just came back from an emergency trip to Jammu today, a family friend had committed suicide and I along with Mom, dashed off to offer condolences and be with the grieving family. It is indeed heart wrenching to see the demise of dear ones and witness the grief and pain of surviving family, moreso if you have grown up with them. What compounds the issue here is no one is sure if it is a suicide or murder, since the death happened under mysterious circumstances. Add to this the fact that the deceased was one of the wealthiest and most prominent businessmen in Jammu; the entire city is buzzing with all kinds of rumors and speculating on various possibilities and theories.

However it is very tough to accept someone known to you all these years could kill himself for no apparent reason. Even the family is confused and there is a sense of denial why someone would voluntarily go away. Two days of grieving, condoling and sympathizing has taken a toll on my body and mind as well, more intensified by the mystery shrouding the death. Its only today I am feeling somewhat better.

I believe suicide is a sign of cowardice and death will come to all, why invite it yourself. However there are many whose plight is one of suffering and cannot get away from a miserable life that they have been doomed to, and ultimately resort to this extreme step. For one they cannot escape from the clutches of their sad life, and the associated agony that they have to live with, which very few else will understand or empathize with. There are certain people in my life too, who I will not be very unhappy if they volunteer to go away. Death is a hard fact of life and end of everything, but a life with no hope or which deprives others of joys, is better not lived.

Tomorrow is my father’s death anniversary. Looking back I can just think how much my life has changed since he went away. Seven years back there was a sense of optimism and zeal I associated with my life, which unknowingly, I don’t know where, has disappeared. Its true that death is not a individual phenomena, there are many happy lives which are consigned to flames along with the cadaver.


  1. The worst part of death is that the living are always haunted with..What If?
    It's been years since I lost my loved ones, but it still much!

  2. did your sense of optimism and zeal flame with the cadaver? or did it just meander away to nothingness in the dry desert?

  3. May his soul rest in peace, and hoping that the family finds answers to all the mysteries surrounding his demise...

  4. Suicide is the most cowardly act one can resort to...i mean cmon yaar..u get this life once....make the best outta it...n moreover i pity dose family members who r left behind to lament n affects dem more...coz dat person who had neva learnt to respect d life God had given him had to d ones for whom dey were d world r left wid pain for all their lives...coz it's somethn which cnt b forgotten evn in years to come...
    nway God bless ur Dad's soul!!

  5. I guess i know whom u talkin about, he was one of my gud frnds tayaji..!! I havent been able to talk to him seems such miserable sometimes and such things make it more :(

    May God bless everybody !!

  6. Manic depression can also lead a person to commit such dastardly acts. :( Sucks...

  7. i totally agree with condolences to the family who lost a dear someone.

    God bless you.

  8. i read in newspaper
    i guess u r talking abt the same person
    may his soul rest in peace

  9. Human mind and psche is so complex that we really cannot tell what triggers what and why? Suicide can happen at a moments impulse. You have really clinched it when you said no one sies alone.. I hope the family recovers from the grief.

  10. I donno what was he going through..!!
    just wish thAt his soul RIP.

    Death of a dear one is really shocking...n no 1 dies alone...the dear ones of the dead die each moment after he/she passes away..

    Take care

  11. May his soul rest in peace :(
    I just cannot bear the thought of losing a loved one...its painful just to think of it... :( :(
    I lost my grandpa last year..we weren't exactly very close, still it affected me a lot...


  12. i just don't understand how someone kills himself or herself.. i cant imagine how helpless that person must be to take such a step.. the impact on the family.. the parents.. siblings.. friends.

    may this person's soul rest in peace.. if he was murdered, i hope his killers get the punishment they deserve!

    God bless your dad's soul .. *hug*

    i hope you get back your enthusiasm and zeal

  13. I sometimes wonder what can be more scary than taking one's own life! Living and fighting are less painful. But that's my thoughts. Sad to hear about your friend.

  14. i very rarely do this...but right now...i jst wanna give ya a brotherly hug

  15. suicide does cross my mind only to the extent of ridiculing those who ridicule life. i find absolutely no justification for takin one's own life. it really annoys me why should one be such a rat and hide awy in a hole!

  16. There are so many things in one's life that can lead to committing suicide but it still is a cowardly act. There is no easy way out in life. Plus its a very selfish act. I can't even imagine what his family must be going through. My condolences to the family and I hope you get your enthusiasm back very soon!

  17. My condolences.. but, don't you think it takes a lot of guts than cowardice to end your life?