Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekend conundrum

I am in the middle of another weekend and continuing with my mundane existence. Well weekend does ring a bell and does bring a smile to many a faces, but many times you keep wondering what to do over those long weekends. Surely had I been staying with friends, rather than at home, could have cooked up some plans, or rather gone on a drinking binge; but for past few years it’s been mostly indoors. Only since I have bought this laptop that a few times I have smiled at the prospect of weekends, looking forward to watching those pirated DVDs or reading whats happening in others’ lives.

I guess this obsession with weekends is more to do with our blind aping of the West, where people do actually switch off on weekends and go on their own retreat. In India weekends during my growing up years meant watching old films on Doordarshan at 6 PM on Sundays or the entire family jumbled up on sofa and bed, watching Ramayana on the solitary TV at home. Its only recently that concept of weekend has gone more up market, with pubs, partying and malls coming into existence, moreso in larger Indian cities.

My weekends have been nothing exciting though, always stuck at home lazying around. I despised my friend some years back, who used to come to office on Mondays with fresh snaps of his sojourns to nearby hill resorts and adventure sports outlets. I used to feel let down many times, for aren’t these bachelor years the only ones to enjoy? At times I feel life was much better off during my growing up years in the small town of Srinagar, surely a far thought from the rat-race of this corporate jungle called Gurgaon. If nothing else, at least there was contentment in small things, which resulted in closeness with family and not the present day abhorrence and coldness, albeit giving a glitzy appearance.

This weekend may go slightly better. Today morning I was out shopping with my folks buying home stuff and in the evening may visit gym or catch something on this laptop. Tomorrow I will be attending Toastmasters in first half and watching a film in second.

However don’t mistake my idleness on weekends for my preference of attending office. Anyday I would stay at home and be idle than attend office on weekends, and I don’t think I am alone in believing that.


  1. wehave a tendency to romanticize the past.

  2. Weekends are so crammed with activity that fun and peace are totally left out!

  3. i hated the question : so what are you doing this saturday?

    but now i am comfortable with it. because i have realized that its just not me.. to be "partying"..woohoooing .. blah blahing every other weekend!! i am a home-person..and am always happier at home. SAFE! hahah. its only once in a while that i actually enjoy going out and spending time trying to scream out words so that the other person understands / pretends to understand. i dont miss that kind of thing. but yeah, i miss catching up with good friends.. that is always fun right...

    this weekend, i baked a cake. it was bad. but fun.

    only movies and food excites me on saturdays and sundays. AND OF COURSE SHOPPING!

    love aaj kal tomorrow, yay

    enjoy your movie too. which one?

  4. haha

    i miss weekends... my journalism college has robbed my of my Right to WEEKEND...they make us work through the weekend so i dont know if they come or when they come or if they exist at all or not :(

    but i used to be big on weekends as the only opportunity... to be with my bf... kya din the woh..

  5. two of my friends have recommended 'Hangover' i guess i will have to postpone it until next week, you should have a go at it :)

  6. weekends for me are great to the extent that I can wake up late, after that I miss my quiet as the house is full of upheavel and my solitude is thoroughly compromised. By mid friday(thursday friday is weekend here) I start longing for saturday!!

    I did read both your previous posts, but held back any comments. I am not here to judge people.

  7. Totally had lost the meaning of weekend recently!! But lat month with my school buddies has been ausumn..full 48 hours rocked..!! Now as my summer break is about to over..going back to my busy college life..where no knows how to enjoy the weekend..i hate my collg life..wish i was always in skool.. :(

  8. :)
    The Doordarshan part was so nostalgic!
    For the love of God and except for a million dollars otherwise, the thought of going to work on weekends will never ever cross my mind.
    My best part about weekends is that absolute laziness that I can indulge in. I totally love my sleep :)

  9. Bro... what stops you from going out... what keeps you indoors...

    At the same time... there are those (me sometimes) who come back to work from a weekend, tired. We try to pack in soo much.. fail at time.. and are always disappointing...

  10. I would prefer a quiet weekend after a hectic week! But if the weekdays tend to be dull, the weekend HAS to be fun or else I might go mad :)

    I feel J of people who have LOTS of fun (meaning - those who visit those gorgeous lookin places) during their weekends too! Damn them.. :(

  11. i dont even have weekends! I have alternate day shifts all the time! no weekends...but since u do have weekends, ur thing sound relaxing and cosy and rejuvenating...and thats what weekends are for anyway.
    enjoy ur weekend! haha

  12. Sometimes one needs to have a quiet weekend after a long hectic week. Or sometimes you just wanna go crazy.

    There's no written rule. Do what your heart says.

    P.s. Hope you had a good weekend :).

  13. I agree this weekend concept is nothing but a marketing gimmick plagiarized from the west, but now since everyone is kinda nto it..we have no option.

    Weekends I tend to do what I like the most i.e. do nothing :)

  14. your last para sums it all.."However don’t mistake my idleness on weekends for my preference of attending office. Anyday I would stay at home and be idle than attend office on weekends, and I don’t think I am alone in believing that."
    That's my attitude on weekends - regardless of whether I have plans to party or stay at home and do nothing, i still love weekends..