Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bliss and rejuvenation

I am just back from an Art of Living Advanced Course, which I thankfully did not miss due to ill-health, and must say how glad I am that I underwent this one. Four days of calmness, meditation and maun vrat and all of a sudden I am feeling totally rejuvenated. Agreed the schedule for past four days was punishing, with yoga starting at 6 AM and day ending at almost 10 PM, in-between filled up with powerful meditations, knowledge sessions, music and to top it, total silence with no interaction with anyone! And yes, we were also assigned some community/social service in morning hours, which meant literally no time off. Amazingly I am not feeling fatigued even one bit now, which is hard to believe for a sleepaholic like me.

I could not complete the Advanced Course successfully last year and had burned out in-between. Agreed the Course is no joke by any standards and is almost a mini-tapasya, to be survived on bare food while following a rigorous schedule. But this time around, as if almost by magic, I am through and smiling, or rather beaming.

When I did my first Art of Living course two years back, I was in a bit of turmoil with strained relations at home, but I guess I have now taken that to be a constant in my life, and this time I actually experienced total bliss. Also adding to the experience was the venue chosen this time round. Its an amazing underwater meditation center on outskirts of Gurgaon, with aqua life and pond forming the roof of the meditation hall!!

Meanwhile I have not forgotten my physical bliss while in middle of spiritual bliss, and am planning something for this weekend. I am working on a few logistics and choices, but the good thing is the abundance of choice available here though rates increase dramatically with the quality. Perhaps I will have to go to Delhi, but what the fuck, after all its only for a fuck


  1. They have the Art of Living courses offered here in Toronto too, but I have never been able to muster enough courage to take it.. I think I could live with everything else, except remaining silent for 4 days. I don't think I could remain silent for longer than a few hours..

    The mediation centre you describe sounds really amazing..next time I am in India, I'll definitely be going there - that's if they allow visitors..

  2. I need the Art of Forgiving Sacrifices and not ever taking anyone seriously!

    wonder if they will think about that!

  3. sounds amazing.. this course.. but tough. god you did it.. the place sounds like it has a really peaceful ambiance..

    oye, chalo 'Kandom' ke sath okay. have fun

  4. Glad to know you're feeling all rejuvenated after the course. :) Keep meditating!

  5. cool..have heard it's a gruelling course.have fun with those physical adventures

  6. Nice to hear you bounce back and take up the course despite falling out mid-way first time around.

    Something tells me the next post is gonna be hot hot hot ;)

    All the best dude, rock the boat!!

  7. Aww. So far I did not think that I am ready to take up advance course. But now next India visit I am going to do it. I presume you did it b'lore ashram ?

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