Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What love has become aajkal

Last evening had been to see the latest flick Love Aajkal along with my folks at a nearby mall (where else in Gurgaon). First of all the fucking car gave way, it would simply not start when I had to leave office. Thanks to the muscles of the security guard, the engine picked up finally and I managed to reach back on time. Yesterday I also discovered that watching a film on a weekday is a big pain, what with fatigue all the time ruling your body, which keeps longing for the comforts of that lovely bed.

Love Aajkal is watchable though can’t call it outstanding. Although Shobhaa De has torn the film apart in her blog, I will still recommend it to those out for dating adventures. It is actually nothing more than a spoof the Gen Y relationships, whose Facebook status keeps changing from committed to single and back to committed every week. Also by drawing a parallel with the relationships of previous generation, it exhibits the hollowness that modern-day living has got accustomed to. In a way, it is like the difference between the film music of two generations, old black and white songs are still hummable while the modern day remix gore is forgotten in actually no time

Watching the film reminded me of someone I had met online ages ago, guess then I was in college. We did cross paths again some years back, thanks to MSN Messenger which keeps old friend list intact. This time she had shifted to Gurgaon from abroad, and was residing nearby only, so we did get to see each other in flesh and blood. But must say she was a major disappointment, with a boring disposition and an unremarkable appearance. Her face actually resembled a commode. What surprised me though was the spate of affairs she had been through, with men of all kinds having been through her. I could never fathom what juice anyone would get from her, but the fact remained that she was in much demand and sought for fun. Perhaps her affairs were more because of her ravishing hot, vodka guzzler Mom, for whom I still have the hots.

Coming back to theme of the film, I have known many people who have romanced their way through youth with someone but ultimately tied the knot with someone totally else. Infact I came to know that in many technical colleges down south, it is fashionable for Northie chicks to date those available and around, before flying off to their NRI grooms. A few of my classmates in post-graduation had a whale of time dating and coupling, later getting married to ‘childhood sweethearts’.

In a way, Love Aajkal is coming of age cinema defining the changing dating status, a far cry from Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hain 10 years back, wherein SRK famously proclaimed hum jeete hain ek baar, marte hain ek baar, zindagi main pyaar bhi ek baari hota hain. In the middle of film, Saif broaches taboo topic sex somewhere with Rishi Kapoor, when Rishi laments that Gen Y hits the bed at first opportunity, with abstinence and morals gone to the dogs. Perhaps it is the uncontrollable hormones and the liberal economy moolah, which is responsible for redefining Love Aaj Kal.


  1. hmmmm
    u spoke more of ur friends commode like faace than the movie...
    am going to watch the movie tmrw with my bf of 5yrs...morning show...I suppose he n I may feel guilty what with old fashioned values n morals being thrust at us...lets see shall we? :)

  2. Very true about Gen Y! I'm glad they're making films that progress with the times, as opposed to Karan Johar's old K-sagas.

  3. I'd say it raises eye-brows with the older generations because of the stark difference in the societal framework they were brought up in and the one we have at hand. Liberalisation of women plays a major role in what we see today. There is much more interaction between the sexes than there ever has been in this country.
    Can we really call the spate of relationships sorry in this age? The world is a much smaller place and yet this very reason brings in a great divide. Once kids are done with education, the focus moves on to their careers. With everyone choosing their professional lives over their personal lives, it is no longer feasible to foster long distance relationships.
    I blame the older generation for this state. Parents aren't open to their kid's relationships forcing the kids to believe that their relationships are wrong and must end before the parents find out about it...
    It's a matter of accepting change...the older generations aren't particularly good at it and it is their stubbornness that gives then (and us) this scenario...

  4. a lot of analysis has gone in this post.. :D i am yet to watch the movie.. :D

  5. yet to watch the movie..lots of reviews on the net..lets see, dont like either of the two protagonists thats the problem

  6. A bit tangent, na?
    It wasn't preaching anything and at the same time wasn't far from today's truth as well.

    Not that I loved the movie per se, but it sure showed us that the days of 'Woh Saat Din' has been long left behind.

  7. ROFLMAO..I could never fathom what juice anyone would get from her,

    I didn't really like the movie same old crappy plot in another flavour...pehaps it wasn't for the mango people:)!!

  8. i m lookin forward to watchin it but after kambakht ishq :D

  9. i loved the movie...i am going to watch it again 2m

  10. Gosh...i dun believe u really liked d movie...was total crap...except d old love story,which was cute!!dunno wats wid deepika n her straight face???had it not been for deepika d movie cud have been better!!

  11. I didn't like the movie basically 'cos I was unable to clearly see the parallel between the two stories.

    But yes, it did hit a lot of the right notes as far as dating today is concerned. :)

  12. yeah, nothing outstanding about love aaj kal