Monday, August 17, 2009

Down for the day

Oh God, it was happening to everyone everywhere, but I never thought it would hit me also. I could sense that things were not right on Sunday afternoon, when I was feeling unusually warm, but after a long siesta I was back to normal in evening. Since I had slept like a log on both the weekend days, was not getting early sleep on Sunday night, but as my insomnia prolonged I was deprived of sleep for most of the night. On Monday naturally my plight was unfortunate in the morning and the office air-conditioner further aggravated my condition. And here I am, totally down with bed rest prescribed and on a sick leave at home

It gets all the more scary since the famous flu is a major hit these days. I have been precautioned to look out for those dreaded symptoms and if anything averse turns up, to rush for a test nearby. Perhaps the common flu is also in the air these days and since some of the symptoms are common, a lot of unnecessary panic is being created.

To be honest I completely despise being ill and down, which makes me stay away from work. It was only in my school days that I used to wait for change of weather and sickness, to get those days off. Moreover I also have an Art of Living course lined up for the weekend, which I do not want to miss at any cost. I may be up in a few days and get back to work soon, but it is the stupid office AC which can act as a villain. How some office comforts can turn unwanted at times

Meanwhile I have given a serious thought to my predicament outlined in my last post. I am thankful to my blogger friends for their uninhibited, empathizing advice which has actioned me to do something about my loneliness. I have spoken to few service providers around and am contemplating of organising a tete-a-tete nearby by end of this month. That will be some action which I am honestly looking forward to and will give some solace to my biological desires and provide some soothe to my dwindling psyche.

But first have to come out of this rotten bout of illness


  1. take care
    and if you dont have problem in breathing..i guess its the normal flu

  2. have you visited a doctor nearby...its better to get an expert opinion...and btw..mat i know your real name??

  3. Get well soon and just take care.

  4. I have been in bed since a month.Started with 2 days viral followed by cough and cold for 2 weeks and then worse diarrhea.
    U r in a better position so stay positive and take care:)

  5. I'm sure its the common flu..the one Im still recovering from, it takes time@!

    just stay indoors. in bed. comfortable and nice. sleep a lot! you'll be better in no time

    i know its so annoying to be bed ridden!

    but the body needs the rest..

    art of living and end-of-month plans sound interesting, do update ! looking forward to that

    watch a movie at home and sleep, eat, drink, sleep, movie, eat, drink, sleep

  6. well, hope you recover soon and get some action ;)

  7. I hope you get well soon.. your last comment on my post was taken to heart, it felt good to know that there was atleast someone who was missing me in the blog world..
    I know you are in the midst of organizing a tete-a-tete - just be very careful.. and I mean of diseases.. and have fun.. :)

  8. I am delayed in wishing you well. Am really sorry. Hope you are doing fine now..both my kids had the flu was really bad all that fever and the cough, and to top it all the paranoid me..but its over now and am breathing easy.

  9. I dont know why the office ACs are so evil!! I suffer from the same problem and well, I now wrap up a stole, for which many people call me a terrorist..i dont get the joke but am warm :)
    You take lots of care, and yes, it must be the common cold..wish for that fervently and nothing more serious shall happen :)

  10. It's been 5 days since the post... No point in saying "Get Well Soon"...

    Hope you're better!!