Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ready to Roll

I can’t believe I am doing it, but my first and wishfully only interaction with the world’s oldest profession is all set for tomorrow. You never know what you can become or what you end up doing, but guess at times you do end up doing things which seemed unimaginable sometime back

Meanwhile my interaction with different service providers has been nothing short of interesting. In this city every type and color is available, right from a housemaid to Neha Dhupia. One guy I contacted had been insisting upon a Femina model, someone called Priyanka Oberoi now staying at Taj Ambassador. She costs a bomb, but he says you never know what you may end up achieving. He explains by boasting of having slept with Payal Rohatgi 5 years back for just 20 grands and now Payal has a six month advance booking. He further adds that the current in-demand celeb is Shweta Tiwari, who has been most active this year

My choice was a Spicejet Airhostess but she is too pricey. I checked some other places where local stuff is available at reasonable cost, though all of them claim to be college grads or aspiring models. I had initially zeroed in on a guy in PVR Saket, who had outstation students to offer, but then other offers are also tempting

One female I contacted was affectionate to talk and asked me to come over. I asked her Police ka koi locha to nahi, whereby she asked if I was a gujju. I falsely replied yes, then she talked of Dhokla, jaljeera, mithaas etc. She called me last night and is insisting me to come to her only, which perhaps I will. As per directions I am to reach Hyatt by 11 and call her, where upon I will be picked and taken to a guest house nearby for my fantasy session.

I am withdrawing money from bank today and tomorrow morning will be buying condoms, perhaps will go for Durex. I have never even kissed a girl till date, but guess will do warm-up, sprint and marathon together tomorrow.


  1. Best of luck:)..i don think so shweta and payal thing is true man...but may be anything is possible nowadays.

  2. Fun aside, do be on your guard.

  3. Roll on mate... have a good one... cheers

  4. :O :O :O

    I'm shocked outta my wits!!

    So has it happened already????

    Post the details soooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!

    And yeah still :O :O :O

  5. photos bhi :p

    lol kidding

    i hope you have a nice time and its totally safe. what a masaledar post!

  6. BE CAREFUL! It ALL sounds so shady...

    Don't go for a model... just go for an ordinary, decent looking chick... How bad can it be?

  7. all the best.
    but dont forget us :D
    and be careful!

  8. kidhar ho bandhu?

    mera bhi kuch jugad karo.

  9. amazed that u have written all this .... :O

  10. isnt this a tad too desperate?
    or is morality so outdated?

  11. Came across your blog while I was hopping blogs, just wanted to say this is adorrrrable :) Some girl will be lucky to have you for free some day.

  12. Wow i didnt know the payal rohtagi/shweta tiwari thing man.