Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dilli ki sardi

Winters are here, or rather more than here. It’s the thick of winter & the vagaries of weather God have started. Even though it comes every year without fail, winter brings its own set of joys & sorrows. Each time you feel you have got used to it, but the chill catches you off guard every time.

Many things make winter distinct. First thing which comes to my mind is the laziness associated with the low temperatures. More evidence of lazy behavior can be found in morning, especially with the unwillingness to get out of bed. Mornings are associated with disappearance of sun & setting of fog. Driving to office is like navigating through turbulence with near zero fog-hit visibility. If one is back early in evening, slipping under blanket is the easiest option. Gym & yoga take a backseat as lazy bones reign supreme.

Winters can also fuck the life out, moreso if you have to get up early & dress for office. Shaving can actually pain & if you had a late night, expect yawns all day long. Even staying up late can be tough these times & can freeze the bones. Also if you like shagging before dozing off, then expect low results coz the passion & hormones also take a chill break. No wonder couples always rush to sunny beaches, must be warm making out there.

I vividly remember my childhood in Srinagar, those young, innocent growing up years. Winters were more severe compared to Delhi (& not as dry), but it was more fun also, with the snow for company & a new snowman as companion each time. Bukhari with saw dust was used to give warmth & the little teaspoons of brandy after a hot water bath in night, was a tonic for good night’s sleep. Well things have not changed much, for brandy has now been replaced by Old Monk.

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