Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lazy bones

Soon my life will become an epitome of laziness. I read somewhere today that blogging requires time commitment, so only serious ones last long. That holds true, I guess I have been finding more spare time at office than home mainly coz of two factors - not much work these days & official PC works better. My laptop has a cursor bug, which means the cursor keeps running away. If you are typing a new sentence, half of it will get published somewhere in middle of another paragraph & if you have to rewrite those words (cut, copy, paste also not in) again, it really fucks you out.

Came across a quote today - You get the best efforts from others not by lighting fire beneath them, but by building a fire within. Reminds me of the differences between my previous boss & current one. Previous witch was a shouting maniac who could have put vampires to shame with her demeanor & work style. The current guy happens to be a believer in positive reinforcement, though he too can give pricks sometimes. Happened to get a stinker today morning, will go & have a chat in evening today.

Could not help but be stuck with awe last night at Obama’s inauguration. Cannot remember anyone who, coming from nowhere, has soared in popularity so soon. It was amazing to hear chants of “Obama, Obama” when he began his address & the numbing silence that followed during his discourse. Must say his earlier rhetoric of Yes We Can had got me going, this guy surely has something….bande main dum hain

Perhaps the only two guys who come close to this popularity in India can be Sachin & Amitabh. However like Obama, they had the burden of expectations whenever they performed. Curtain of Obama’s stage has just been unveiled, will have to wait for his performance.

Seeing Obama also reminds me of my many dreams, my imagination when under shower, yearning for thunderous applause on my own imaginative stage, oratory which can bring any crowd alive….all that can happen, but sluggish me will have to shrug off my beloved laziness for that.

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