Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girls at Café Coffee Day

Amazing how office talks & gossip change with times. These days all known places in office, let it be lift, stairway, corridor, coffee machine, team meeting - all deliberations come down to lay-offs only. With many being shown the door & number & estimates increasing each day, one wonders whose next? Those leaving are as much stunned as those left behind. Also with little work these days & nothing coming for foreseeable time, only question on everybody’s lips – mera number kab aayega.

Had been to Café Coffee Day in DLF Galleria few evenings back. During my usual cappuccino round, spotted two PYTs at nearby table. One was in a tight black top & other in some hued attire, gossiping away to glory. The one in colored top spotted me checking both of them out & alerted her partner, who had her back to me. She returned my glance by checking me from the mirror in the wall, which I noticed from the edge of my retina. Her black top was kinda skimpy & revealing her shiny, buttery lower back & upper butt, when she bent forward. I guess she must have been aware of that correlation, for she bent even more after noticing my glances towards her rear. Bending forward she mumbled to her friend to check my expression when I was soothing my eyes on the display of her butt cleavage & surrounding areas. I really admired how well she had maintained the less noticeable parts of her built, much like a porn star & was proud to show it off to any interested & eager soul.

Reminds me of my school days when much admired & sought after females, used to sit in front of boys hostel with crossed legs & uplifted skirts. Also the mad scramble for girls toilet after morning assembly to lift skirts up, well above the knees to give a proper display of waxed legs, which sometimes resembled chocolate sauce. Well going by yesterday, I may find few of them again after all these years sipping coffee at Café Coffee Day, with tight tops replacing short skirts as the flexible prop & body area of pride moving a wee bit up from knees!

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