Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mailbox malaise

Few things can actually irritate you to such an end; one would prefer being fucked rather than tolerate the non-sensical, brain-damaging mechanisms of modern day gadgets. Microsoft developed Office with great pride & pride became ego when all organizations adapted it for e-mailing. But I guess it is the sickening mailbox size limit imposed by IT wing, that makes one want to cry hearts out.

Had developed a series of invitations to be mailed to senior management, to be sent as calendar requests along with power point presentations for an office event, scheduled beginning next month. But guess my mailbox has become like the Municipality drain, not cleaned for last couple of years, so has jammed & anything heavy or big just cannot make through. I tried lot many times but would always get “Mailbox over size limit” prop. Send/receive button got a royal beating from my fingers, but the error scrip would obstinately always crop at the bottom right.

I deleted the drafted invite & instead attempted again with a fresh calendar invite, this time the PPT zipped in; but again met the same fate. Now my calendar shows same event at same day & time twice or thrice, but could never be once successfully mailed to the intended recipient. Tomorrow morning I have to somehow mail across all calendar invites, but will have to first clear the fucking mailbox of old, big, not required mails.

Going by my today’s ordeal, have a suggestion for the filthy HRD ministry & its pet AICTE – include a paper on Outlook Mailbox management in all management courses!!

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