Monday, January 5, 2009

Few mails, coffee machines & fish

Saw two mails this morning in mailbox. One is from an ex-colleague who now works for KPMG in Saudi. That guy passed out from FMS long back but could never get going here, so went for another course at LSE (must say I envy him, LSE has 5 bars on campus). But these times are bad & he landed in worst possible country during worst possible times, as he himself says in the mail. He also has a debt to repay, so cannot come back to India & its salaries. Another mail is from an ex-classmate (bomb of a classmate, must say) who is discovering marital bliss in chills of Britain (sure would be having lots of sex to keep herself hot; husband must be living in paradise then not UK). Both are abroad but what contrasts there experiences present.

A new coffee machine has been installed in office so went to check it out. It’s a nice steely built, perched on top of a table at corner. A galaxy of buttons present in the front with at least three funnels at the bottom to collect the desired liquid output. Options are plenty but its actually a guessing game how it all actually works. I decided to take my chance & pressed the “Cappuccino” button & put my cup beneath the larger funnel. What followed was a series of noises - first a creaking sound, then a noise as if a desperate fart is being let out (thank god this machine only releases liquids, not odour), howling sound, shrieks & then the water came out. No water did not come in my cup. It started tinkling out from behind of machine forming a small pool in ground below. Good the machine is in a corner so that not many could see my tryst with the mysterious coffee producing gizmo. I slowly retracted my steps & came back to my workstation. After all whats in a cuppa coffee!

Had been out dining yesterday night. Ate dinner at Coriander Leaf, quite an elegant place. I could not get to drink since my family was with me. Had to make do with simply staring at Jack Daniel bottles, though last year when I visited with my friends & got sloshed, the bill was a bit of an embarrassment with a five figure amount for four people eating, nay mostly drinking. Islamibadi machhi was delicious, with not too much oil. Try it out the next time you visit them.

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