Saturday, January 3, 2009

The good, the bad & the ugly : Story of my life

I have my Icebreaker coming up at Toastmasters next Sunday & have to prepare a discourse for it, describing myself. Have thought about telling my life & its different milestones, with its good, bad & ugly aspects covered.

I begin with my birth, which had nothing bad about it, good being that I was introduced to this world & ugly being that I do not remember anything about it. My childhood had chocolates as good part, denied more chocolates as bad & brushing twice was ugly. I boarded my first airflight then, being with the Air Hostess was good (it still is); shaking while landing was bad & spilling sauce all over was ugly. My teenage had my first crush as good, nothing really bad while neither being a kid or really grown up was ugly. My first crush - everything about her was good (she resembled Divya Bharti); bad was it was good only till it lasted & ugly part was that she was already taken. Similarly my high school had me being School Vice Captain as good; studying maths as bad & first fight as ugly. My first fight had me feeling like a man as good; getting thrashed as bad & thrashed again at home as ugly.

I have proceeded to describe my exams, college & hostel life with its share of good, bad & ugly. College had freedom as good part, frequent heartbreaks as bad & getting badly ragged as ugly. There was nothing good about exams, studying late hours was bad & results was the ugly aspect. My first heartbreak had me not losing hope as good, while frequent repeatation of heartbreaks was the ugly part.

Some other random aspects of my young life are also covered. Speaking to Malaika Arora on MTV Loveline was fun ; listening to her sexy voice was good, my girlfriend listening in & getting offended was bad & my parents hearing it later on MTV was ugly. Having my first drink was Wow!, everything good, especially the kick; nothing bad & hangover as ugly. Learning driving had me getting a valid license as good, accident with a broken bone as bad & booked by police for speeding as ugly. Watching a cricket game at Delhi's Kotla was not really exciting, seeing Sachin was good; that person not actually being Sachin was bad & getting repeatedly hit by bottles on head in the open stands was ugly.

Lat leg covers my worklife. My first job gave me my first salary as good, getting a stinky boss as bad & 3 Ps- presentations, projects & pressure as ugly. Being an HR professional was interesting - having lots of female colleagues was good, low salary was (& is) bad & telling others you actually are in HR was ugly. Similarly attending office parties had free unlimited Bacardi as good, not knowing dancing well as bad & attending office next day with bacardi in your mind & spirit as ugly.

Not sure how interesting or catchy this may sound to the audience. Seems we all are unique but also similar; same color but different shades.


  1. Having Female friends in HR is an added asset in your job , though I got placed but really I dont know what HR people want to listen in the interview

  2. Wow! so you started in Jan and already have a CC. Impressive!