Thursday, January 8, 2009

Imagination going wild

Can not stop your imagination from going really wild when the hottest girl in office gets pregnant. It was only a few months back that she was hired, having worked before in Taj (not the one which was attacked). Perhaps she had joined in middle of last year, which must be the period when she would have received the ejaculation. She did have a radiance to her face when she had come for interview, now I know why the face was blinking with joy. Must have been more than a joy for her hubby, what a blast he would have had.

I remember my school days; my Bong history teacher had just come back from her wedding. She had a different glow when back, which used to get brighter & brighter until her stomach started getting bigger & bigger. That was also the time when some of my classmates were exploring their puberty & discovering joys & ecstasy of all forms. Surely making out is not a big deal these days, what with everybody talking about it openly these days. However cannot get my mind off this office chick; what with her dusky complexion & streaked hair. Hotter than hot chocolate fudge, which got scooped & repeatedly shot with soft & wet bullets of male ecstasy.

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