Friday, January 23, 2009

Mailbox malaise II

Got over my mailbox blues, finally. It took the entire morning to clear old mails from 2006 & 2007. Made a separate folder called “Old mails”; then scrolled down to bottom of Inbox, found mails accumulated right from 2006; checked in “Arranged by” icon at top if it is possible to segregate mails by date; yes it was possible, but not year wise (sob,sob); had to literally pick & drop every mail from Inbox to new folder (phew). Mails of one & a half year took half morning to seclude. At the end was kinda delighted, at last now blocks are clear, can send across the bulky mails.

One, two, three….four invites gone! Yuppee!! Drag them from Sent Items to Archive folder, lest they block again with their heavy weights. Fifth one compiled, all checks done, press Send…Outbox jammed; try again, Send/Receive error icon at bottom…damn it; try again, Send/Receive error icon again comes out at bottom…fuck me, fuck me hard!! Just cleared shit of last two years, but still unable to mail…..would have really gone bonkers had it not been lunch time; got a break to cool off. When zipped attachments also jammed after lunch, decided to send without attachment.

Phew thankfully got over it finally, but learnt the lesson hard way….as you move on, dump your old shit where it doesn’t count.

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