Monday, January 12, 2009

Wherez my money

Received my bank statement via mail today. Thankfully there are no major surprises, for my bank statements & credit card bills have become the biggest storehouse of surprises & shocks off late. Each entry on debit side is a reminiscent of the spent excesses, movies seen (even the one with early warnings i.e. bad reviews), dinners eaten, unnecessary generosity displayed when others were ready to foot the bill, liquor consumed & other indulgences which do not come exactly complimentary. Bank statements are not that big a shocker, thanks to the cheque book records maintained. The real explosion happens when I receive my credit card bill. Entire history of the month’s entertainment flashes, like a film climax where a villain remembers all his sins before repenting. In my case repentance is replaced by payment.

In my own way I am thankful to the recession. During boom times, one finds everybody else raking in moolah & laments at his own sorry state & embarrassing payslip. It is during recession that you find the same millionaires without a job & admire at your low paying job. These are also the times to congratulate yourself, having shown loyalty & not been greedy in past. However one should not expect any such appreciation from the management, lest you are addicted to finding disappointments for yourself.

These days with everybody asking what is your New Year resolution, many times I am tempted to reply – have more dough. I don’t lament those who have more luxuries as part of their existence, but I surely pity myself with the measly finances I have. If things are gonna change & improve; I hope they do soon, for cannot wait till eternity now. However possibilities look bleak with dark clouds all around. The only consolation is to have a comparative or to be more curt, sadist approach & look at those being laid off around & praise your low paying, secure employment.


  1. Hi Pesto!

    My sincere apologies for replying late to your lovely message in my o3 blog. I don't know how to explain it but you see every time I try to access my blog there, the system always blocks me with 'service unavailable'. It's so frustrating. Well, luckily today I was able to visit the blog without a hitch and thus saw your message. Thank you for dropping by and welcome to my place too.

    But am so delighted to see that you are also here in blogspot. Drop by my place sometime, the link is

    You know, your piece here is so real and genuine. Admittedly this fills every person's thoughts in these uncertain times -- "...The only consolation is to have a comparative or to be more curt, sadist approach & look at those being laid off around & praise your low paying, secure employment." Sometimes blessings come in simple packages aye? :-)

    Have a good week.
    Blessings to you and your family.


  2. Your money was all in the credit card - like you yourself wrote :))

    Same pinch actually! I try to be nice sweet & all that and end up paying a lot of times! But do not have the heart to ask it back. And what happens later on is me looking at my bill and almost promising myself that I will never do that again.

    The story of course... never changes :)